Hey! How nice that you are here! I am Katha at the end of my 20’s and live in beautiful Dresden together with my friend/fiancée hellen {in September, we will get married!} and our flat mate, Lucy, in a house close to the city center.

If I’m not working on this blog, I’m studying computer science, teaching undergraduate programmers, developing apps, or taking care of my blogs… To relax, I scroll through Instagram, play with friends on social games {but this is only fun, as long as I do not lose}. So I do not get bored so fast!

I could theoretically change a different cell phone case every day of the week and still have some … but I prefer to change depending on the season and occasion {The snow cube case may not go out in winter – the unicorn may like to go to Blog events, Lucy and I even have a friendship envelope – aww!}. My dresses are sorted thematically, nicely in my wardrobe, but in truth they actually linger in a steadily growing pile on a chair in the bedroom.

In this blog, I will write about so many different topics and stuffs that interest me. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and please leave comments, as I want to hear about your opinions.